Children's birthday entertainment - Bouncy Castles

Published : 24/02/2015 08:00:50
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Birthday cake shaped bouncy castle

For young children bouncy castles are extremely popular and a well appreciated form of birthday party entertainment.

Everything from cake shaped bouncy castles to Scooby Doo themed designs are usually available to pick from. However, due to the often inclement and unpredictable nature of our weather however, even in summer, they are something to be considered carefully. If you go ahead with one, have towels and mops at the ready, and have the kids be prepared with dry clothes (especially socks). When they are finished outside then they can play on comfortably indoors.

While they are a great form of birthday entertainment and tremendous fun, there can be minor safety issues when too many energetic children mount them simultaneously. It is imperative to have vigilant and consistent supervision. This can be a tedious chore for whoever is stuck with it so it is best to rotate the responsibility if possible. Establishing uniform rules will prevent children from feeling that they are being treated unfairly. You may think this an obscure point but it is really common. Set limits on the amount of time each child can spend in the bouncy castle as well as the amount of children at any one time. Ask any children's party organiser: fights over bouncy castles extremely common. Kids respect rules so treat everyone equally and you shouldn't have any issues. Oh and one more thing, party food, even the birthday cake tempting as it may seem for a fabulous photo opportunity, a definite no go zone.

Most bouncy castle suppliers will also offer a wide array of other inflatable birthday games and novelties, such as slides, obstacle courses, sumo suits, and gladiator jousting. Some of these products may be age dependent so remember the golden rule of children's party entertainment and birthday party organising, age groups! Bouncy castle companies are usually surprisingly busy and so it is often necessary to book months in advance.

Children's birthday party entertainment value? - We would give bouncy castles 9/10 but just watch out for the safety issue!

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