Children's Birthday Party Music

Published : 13/11/2008 15:19:12
Categories : Party Planning and Entertainment

No Children's Birthday Party would be complete without fun music to inspire a jubilant atmosphere. Picking the tunes for younger children usually is easy, as they respond to just about anything with a good rhythm and simple melodies. Older children can be more tricky however as their taste in music may conflict with their parents perception of what is suitable. Children from age 6 years and up often become interested in pop music which many parents might consider to have somewhat more adult lyrics. Again keep in mind the golden rule; remember your party demographic! The main risk is often offending the parents, rather than the children. Thankfully most pop music is harmless and it's what the children want. The latest chart compilations are a safe bet in this regard and a popular choice at many a children's birthday party.

A good idea is to have a dedicated dancing time that can precede or follow a game like musical chairs. Interspersing more unusual music with the pop music that the children are familiar with can be a source of great fun. In the middle of the dance period cut in some brass band or classical Indian music (such as Ravi Shankar) between the Britney Spears and the Black Eyed Peas. In my experience it often elicits some excellent reactions!

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