Children's Party Advice - How To Save Money, Cut Wastage And Save Space

Published : 11/06/2012 11:21:15
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Let's face it, children's parties can be a little expensive at times, they can involve a great deal of mess and clearing up, and result in a significant amount of wastage in many cases. So how would you like to be able to cut the cost of a children's birthday party, massively reduce the mess and time it takes to tidy up afterwards, and cut wastage down to almost nothing? And all for less than 40p? The answer is actually something which a lot of parents don't even realise exists. Most parents are fully aware of the fact that when it comes to dishing out food for a children's party you normally have two pick up a few packs of paper plates, napkins, table covers and paper cups, organise tables and chairs, all of which of course take up a good deal of room, and then spend quite a proportion of time during the party trying to set out the plates of food out whilst defending it from eager little hands.

But there is something which, whilst extremely familiar to most parents, is entirely overlooked when it comes to planning a children's party

Browse our fantastic range of party food boxesWhat's the one thing which almost seems to symbolise a children's meal when eaten out in town? You're probably thinking of one of those folding cardboard boxes with a handle, and a variety of engaging pictures on the side, which neatly contains the child's meal inside, usually along with a toy.

But did you know that you can actually get party food boxes for children? If not, don't worry, because a lot of parents haven't come across these yet, but we think they are a terrific idea, and for several good reasons. By using a food box rather than plates, napkins, table covers, tables and chairs you can prepare all the food in advance, putting each child's meal into their box. If you have one child who is unable to eat a certain type of product you can make up their box in advance and write their name on it, as well as providing any vegetarian children with a selection of food for them.

This means that all of the food is dealt with in advance, and when it's time for the children to eat all that is necessary is to hand out each child their own food box. With a range of fantastic themed designs, such as dinosaurs, sports, football, wild west, animals, pirates, princesses, transport, and a whole selection of different colours, including fantastic holographic food boxes, you can easily make sure that the party food boxes tie into the theme of the party.

The great thing is of course that children are often quite happy just sitting on the floor in groups with their party food boxes replacing the need for plates, tables, chairs, table covers and so on. Not only does this massively cut down on the cost of the party, and also on the time it takes to sort out the food during the party, but since you don't have any need for tables and chairs you are also saving a good deal of space.

But the benefits of using themed party food boxes continue after the food has been eaten, because the clearing up is a great deal easier, and there is often a significantly reduced quantity of wastage. If you place several plates of sandwiches and cakes on a table, you will inevitably find much of this ends up being binned. But by giving each child a suitable portion and selection of food in their boxes you'll end up with much less food left over at the end. When you consider that party food boxes cost little more than about 30p, it is a great way of saving money, reducing waste, saving space, cutting time, and making your children's party a good deal easier to organise.

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