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Published : 22/01/2009 14:03:33
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Trying to come up with some clever and entertaining games for your child's next birthday? Sometimes, you can spend so much time creating or finding the perfect party supplies that you forget that you have to entertain the children for the two or three hours that they are in your home. However, with these party favourites you can feel free to spend your time looking for party supplies instead of thinking about how you will have to spend the day chasing children around your home.

Pin the Tail on the Donkey

A standard favourite children's party game, pin the tail on the donkey sounds pretty much like it is. For this game you will have to add a donkey cut out (or a suitable animal that fits with your theme) and small pins to your party supplies list.

To play, all you need to do is take turns allowing the children to walk blindfolded towards the cutout and attempt to pin their donkey tails onto the correct spot on the donkey. (Have the children write their names on the tail or colour code them to keep track). The closest tail near the donkey's rear can win a party bag or the first slice of cake perhaps after the birthday child.

Hot potato

Another common party favourite, hot potato is usually great if you play the water variation outdoors. For this game you will only have to add balloons to your party supplies list, which you are probably already getting anyway.

Simply fill up balloons with water and place them in a tub outside. Start the game with all the children in a circle and have them toss a water balloon down until it breaks. Anybody who gets wet when the balloon breaks, is out of the circle and the next round begins. The last one left dry is the winner. Depending on the ages of the party guests, you may tighten the circle or spread it out to make the game more competitive.

Scavenger Hunt

This children's party game can be played both indoors and out making it perfect if you are not quite sure what type of weather you are going to get on the day of your hunt. An easy way to make this fit with your party theme is by purchasing mini-statues of whatever your theme is. (For example, a Wild West Party would need little horses, Dog party would need little dogs, Spiderman party would need little plastic spiders etc.)

The size of your party guest list will denote how many of these figurines you will need to hide, but you should have at least triple the amount of guests. Hide the figurines before the party begins making sure the birthday child has no idea what is going on so they can participate fairly, and then send the guests on a hunt for the figurines. The child that finds the most wins!

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