Children's Party Tips: Use Food Boxes To Save Time And Space

Published : 11/01/2011 14:22:24
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If you're planning a children's party then one of the things you'll inevitably have to consider is the food. If you're hiring a vast cavern then space probably won't be a problem, but for those who have normal sized rooms at home, or relatively limited halls, then laying out the food can be a problem.

Because whilst you're setting up an endless train of tables, children are finding themselves with less and less room to play, yet with as much energy as before. You may even find them starting to run a little wild as the adults are probably 'all hands to the deck' getting the food ready. Setting the food out on the table inevitably means steering the hungrier children away until you're ready, and the result can become little short of chaos. So here's an idea:

Why not take a leaf out of those popular fast food places such as MacDonald's and Burger King? They don't set the food out for the children - they just throw it all into an exciting looking box with pictures, games and puzzles on the side, and then throw in a toy or other goodie for fun. treasure-chest-food-boxYou could do the same, just by picking up a pack of food boxes, such as our Dinosaur World food box, Sports food box, Football Party food box or Wild West food box.

Just set these up ahead of the party, and when it comes to eating, there's not even a need to suddenly restrict the amount of space for the children to urn about. Pop a couple of sandwiches, cake, crisps, fruit and a drink into each box before the party, along with a small toy or good bag, and then write each child's name on the box. When it comes to food time, all the children can sit where they like, or in a circle, and enjoy eating their boxed food. Afterwards they can keep the food and take it with them, popping in any other prizes they win in games too. This means far less mess for you to have to clean up, and more time enjoying the party!

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