Chocolate Novelty Cakes

Published : 10/04/2009 06:59:59
Categories : Party Food and Drinks

Novelty cakes, known as edible art, come from the long and glorious tradition of gorgeous sculptures combined with delicious treats. Nobody I know has a problem with chocolate cake in the first place-and novelty cake is a definite upgrade. (You might say it's the Prada of cake). Frequently ordered for fancy weddings and other big events, novelty cakes create a look of ultimate decadence with their rich, gleaming chocolate in surprising shapes and designs. You can get a cake built to look like a swan. You can order a miniature castle cake sheathed in melted chocolate. You can celebrate your hobby with edible footballs or golf clubs.   Since each baker is a finicky artist, be aware of certain technicalities before venturing into the realm of novelty cakes. Do they work on commission or flat rate? Do they invite discussion, or expect you to accept results? Consider taste vs. appearance. Cakes are as varied and high maintenance as their makers. It's common for the sponge, or resilient structural cake underneath, to be chocolate; but make sure you really love such overwhelming richness. For a lighter touch, some bakers will hide the sponge with a frosting shell and then change its flavor. However, you might end up looking at your masterpiece more than eating it. With flowers as an added touch and the advent of edible crystals and pearls, chocolate novelty cakes are truly stunning works of art.

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novelty cake pictures

03/08/2009 11:57:50

The evolution of the novelty cake has changed more than any other kind of cake. It is now more of a design type rather than its own unique type of celebration piece.

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