Chocolate Party

Published : 01/01/2009 19:32:51
Categories : Party Food and Drinks

Are you one of the many people that are addicted to chocolate? Well what could be better than to throw a chocolate party! Make sure that the invitations state that the only gifts that should be brought along to this chocolate party are the edible kind.

The room can be set out with a few chocolate scented candles and some simple party supplies and decorations . I like multicolour foil balloons as they look a bit like the shiny wrappers on individually wrapped chocolates. Great snacks to have for this party would be mini tubs of Hagundaz chocolate ice cream and maybe strawberries on skewers ready to be dipped in to melted chocolate. You might be asking yourself how you will be able to dip them into melted chocolate. The answer is to simply buy a chocolate fountain for the occasion! They’re not as expensive as you may think, you can pick up a small one which is just right for a small gathering for about £20. Serve home made chocolate mouse made with Willie Harcourt-Cooze, better known as Wonky Willie chocolate bars. When the guests arrive to the party if you really want to get them into the chocolate mood they can be greeted with some hot chocolate! He's even got some great recipies for this too. It's not a good idea to have just hot chocolate on the drinks menu though, because as the night goes on and the chocolate gets eaten it could all become too much! Simple bottles of water and fizzy drink will be fine to have on hand for your guests ,although a bottle of champagne to complement the chocolate and the strawberries will always be welcomed. Finally for a great chocolate party game you could perhaps add in a pinata stuffed full of your favourite chocolate treats for entertainment. Chocolate body paint is also another popular form of entertainment but then I do believe that starts to head towards the realms of a very different king of party indeed!

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