Choosing Champagne for a Special Party Occasion

Published : 29/06/2009 16:45:38
Categories : Party Food and Drinks

Special parties call for special champagne for the celebration. While some people seemed perfectly inclined to opt for the perfect party champagne every single time, there are those of us who can stand in front of the champagne aisle for hours and walk out with merely our best guess. Fortunately, party champagne is a common occurrence and there are plenty of people ready to hand over some advice, some encouragement, or criticism. Learning to choose your own party champagne never takes more than a couple of champagne mistakes.

For an outdoor special occasion, plan your party around the event and break out the champagne later. Once the cork pops and the celebration is in full swing, your guests will appreciate a subtly sweet champagne. Outdoor events lend themselves to easy fun and easy clean up. These are the parties that can benefit from a crisp and fruity champagne. If you choose a high quality plastic champagne flute for your outdoor party your guests, you, and the staff will have a much easier time of things.

Add a little party confetti, a champagne bottle supershape balloon, some good music, and a good reason to celebrate and you have a party in full swing. Most champagne for such occasions should refrain from being bitter and refrain from being powerfully sweet. Champagne is sweeter than wine, and picking out a good middle of the road flavour means that the vast majority of your guests will appreciate your efforts. After all, you want to spend more time enjoying the party than worrying about the champagne.

Avoid mixing champagne types. If you need twelve bottles make sure they are all the same twelve bottles. Once the champagne has hit the palette, hitting it again with a different hue can pretty much be counted on to ruin a good thing.

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