Christening Cake, Babies And New Beginnings

Published : 12/01/2015 20:10:17
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Beautiful tiered baby pink Christening Cake complete with tiny feet stars and booties

A friend of mine recently took her little baby boy to be Christened. It’s quite a long time since I have ever been to a Christening, and the one thing that really struck me was what a wonderfully positive, happy and optimistic occasion it is. When you have a little baby, everything seems to be about firsts and beginnings.

As parents it’s a joy to be able to rediscover the world once again through new eyes. It’s easy to see the world as a dry and dusty place full of imperfections and disappointments, yet the moment a little baby pops into your life, suddenly everything is fresh and new and exciting.

Boys baby blue Christening Cake which has been decorated with tiny feet bears and booties on the top complete with date and name

If you’re planning a Christening with a small party to celebrate the arrival of the newest member of the family, then we have a few ideas to offer to help make the occasion as wonderful as it deserves to be. For example, you may be interested in our hugely popular Christening cakes. Our best seller is the Christening Cake with booties which is available in either baby pink or baby blue. Although these cakes are tiered on our website they can be made as a single tier. Each cake is decorated with tiny feet, stars or bears plus an inscribed pair of booties on the top. Either of these cakes really work as an astonishing centre piece to the table.

The cakes are available in three sizes, the smallest of which is big enough to feed 25-30, and the largest feeds up to 55 people. As a new parent you certainly don’t want to be spending hours cooking and preparing food for your guests, so why not let us deliver either a pink or a blue Christening cake to you the day before the party?

We also sell pink or blue balloons, and if you’re having a party for your baby’s 1st birthday then you should check out our huge range of baby’s 1st birthday balloons, napkins, plates, cups and cakes. In fact when it comes to celebrating your baby we’ll do everything we can to make it a really special occasion. Except change the nappy for you.

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