Christmas Party Martinis and Hollywood Glamour

Published : 25/11/2008 18:55:44
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Movies from Hollywood's classic film era are filled with party scenes. The classic movies stage glamorous stars sipping perfect martinis while uttering perhaps the film's most memorable lines. Bette Davis has words with George Sanders while guests chatter in the background. Both hold their martinis like true professionals. A Marilyn Monroe looks on while fishing for the olive in her martini held gingerly over her stunning gown. Why not add a little drama to your next Christmas party? Serve martinis in our Hollywood themed martini glasses imprinted with stars with garnishes that hint at Christmas.

There are many different types of martinis to mix and serve. You can always serve the usual extra dry vodka martini, but then you have the rest of the year to drink those! This is Christmas, and here is an idea for a festive martini that still packs a punch. The red colour and sweet taste is a perfect complement to the decorative Red Carpet room setter backdrop that adorns your walls, and adds a little glamour to the night of festivities!

Begin by pouring three ounces of cranberry or cranberry-raspberry juice into a martini shaker. Add ½ a shot of creme de cassis to the shaker, followed by a shot of the best vodka you have on hand. Add ice cubes, and shake for 15 seconds or so. Use a martini strainer and pour the liquid into a plastic martini glass, slipping in a real candy cane as decoration. And there you have it! A Christmas party martini fit for a Hollywood movie set or any Hollywood Movie Night Chritmas party scene!   You can try different varieties of juices, and add different garnishes as you see fit. Before the evening is over, you will feel like a professional bartender! If you are expecting a large number of guests, you can make enough martinis ahead of time and store them in pitchers in the refrigerator. You will save time, and will be able to enjoy a martini along with the rest of your Christmas party guests!

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Christmas Party Martinis and Hollywood Glamour

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