Cinema Party

Published : 10/05/2009 20:23:29
Categories : Party Themes and Occasions

Why not throw a cinema party? Do you have a Cinema near you that shows old movies, you know like Casablanca, The Maltese Falcon, Double Indemnity or the like? Those great black and white flicks that didn't need people getting their heads cut off to attract an audience; they had real actors and real, well written roles that they could sink their teeth into, their performances could stay with you for a lifetime. Well I have one of those Cinemas near where I live and every now and then some of my friends and I will get on down there to see an old classic.   Not every time, but every now and then, we will dress up like we were part of the movie, sometimes a white linen suit with a black shirt and a fedora fits the bill and the girls in one of those full length nineteen forties dresses and a hat with a small veil, it all looks very chic and it’s a lot of fun to descend on the cinema like that and see the reaction of the other patrons.

We have noticed lately that there are other people doing the same thing now, so we are no longer the only ones. Actually I think the kids started it a while back with "The Rocky Horror Picture Show", regardless; it's a really fun thing to do and it adds that little extra element to the occasion. After the cinema we generally head off to the local for a nightcap and a chat with the other "folks" who are now playing dress up as well. It usually turns into a bit of a party with everyone dissecting their favourite part of the movie and imparting bits of wisdom that the rest of the crowd might not have known.

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