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Published : 29/01/2009 07:46:27
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My wife's sister Amy is a teacher. Her students are in the ten to twelve years old range. This past spring, her class went on a special field trip to a circus. Parents volunteered as chaperones, and the kids all had fun playing games and eating candy floss. There was even an elephant for the kids to ride on.

Amy was so pleased that she shared this story with everyone. She is married and has two kids, ages seventeen and twelve. Her twelve year old daughter loved the idea of a circus, and talked her parents into throwing a circus party for the extended family.

Their house has a large garden. They rented a big tent, and invited all of my nieces and nephews to put together an act. We had jugglers, gymnastic tumblers, and a dog show. Amy's husband dressed up as a clown. My eight year old son came to the party dressed as a lion, and my five year old daughter as the lion tamer.

Amy and her family did their research, and served circus food. They had popcorn, candy floss, and hotdog's(so actually not much research required there at all). They also made sandwiches that were cut into animal shapes, and served them in wild animal food boxes. They dressed the tent up with balloons and a few party supplies and decorations like streamers and infaltable props.

The main contest at the party was a sack race. It was broken into several divisions. My family competed in the father-daughter, mother-son, mother-daughter, and father-son races. There were other games too (ring toss was a favourite), staffed by one of the older cousins.   This circus party turned out great. We all had fun. When our family gets together it's already a circus atmosphere to start with. This just made it official. The one sad part though, was that there were no elephant rides. We will have to work on that for the next circus party.


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