Cluedo party

Published : 27/12/2008 18:58:35
Categories : Party Themes and Occasions

One party that's sure to keep the guests entertained is a murder mystery party; a simple board game of Cluedo will take care of that. Start by serving a round of party drinks to your guests, whilst starting off the board game. Halfway through the game a meal can be served, preferably a takeaway from the local curry house or popular Chinese. 

To get everyone in the mood and to let inhibitions go free then keep the party glasses charged and get everyone relaxed. As the night goes on the guests will be merrier and the game of Cluedo will finish with a jolly ending. Perhaps you would like to extend the party and stick on a murder mystery movie for the perfect ending to your themed event.   This idea ensures that costs are minimal, and that the night is interactive and entertainment is flowing. Some of the best planned parties turn out to be a failure down to a lack of events for the guests to take part in. This Cluedo party idea may seem a bit simplistic and low key but often it's the simple parties that turn out to be the best. You won't need to purchase many party supplies for this kind of evening and everyone can chip in for the dinner. All in all you'll find this to be quite a cheap yet entertaining party evening.

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