Coloured Angel Flame Birthday Candles

Published : 20/04/2009 08:04:14
Categories : Party Food and Drinks

Birthday candles for your cake are often a bit of a last minute thought. After all you've the whole event to organise, everything from choosing the party entertainer to co-coordinating the party supplies and decorations. For these reasons birthday candles never seem to get much of a look in. And yet one of the more expensive aspects of your party is often the cake in which we often invest not only our hard earned cash but our valuable time and considerable effort to get it just so. Topping it off with crumb covered candles from the back of the draw works OK but for a couple of quid why not turn your cake into an "ahrrrr moment" by completing it with birthday candles that burn with different colour flames.

Angel flame birthday candles do exactly that. The colour of the candle is reflective of the colour of the burning flame when lit. And they glow with quite a potent shade too, not a watery colour that you have to imagine but quite a vibrant red, blue, green, purple etc. OK they aren't fancy shaped birthday candles but then they don't need to be, the magic is in the lighting.   Next time you are fumbling around in the back of a draw for a few birthday candles think about getting a pack of Angel Flame candles. Even the most inexpensive cakes, like a small frozen cheesecake or Swiss roll can become a party centrepiece with the simple addition of these illuminating birthday candles.


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