Combat the cold with a warm tropical Hawaiian party

Published : 13/11/2008 21:00:13
Categories : Party Themes and Occasions

With the weather changing many people are more inclined to stay in curled up by the fireplace instead of hitting the clubs. However, you can bet your friends will run out of their homes if you offer them a heat wave in your home at a tropical Hawaiian party. Just because the weather is getting depressing, does not mean you can't still throw a party that will warm up a crowd! Of course, one of the first things you'll need for your friends as they arrive are some leis to drape around their necks. You want your friends to think that the Bahamas are in your home! To aid in this task, you might consider purchasing some tropical fruits to place around the house like pineapple, mango, and any other shiny fruits. But if your fruit bowl and poor decorating abilities fail to impress then tropical scene setters and room rolls will most defiantly bowl them over. These huge easy to use decorating back drops and themed decorations are the very best way to create a bit of dramatic appeal at your very own tropical Hawaiian party. At 12 quid for 50 feet of blue barrier reef or tropical beach, its almost impossible to see how you could go wrong!   Of course, you will want to serve punch (spiked with vodka if you really want to warm your friends up!) and perhaps make a watermelon bowl for an appetiser that is easy to snack on. Rum balls are also a great idea if you want to leave some chocolate winter warmers out as well.   Finally, you may want to head online to look for decorative Hawaiian party supplies such as themed plates, cups, and tablecovers. You also don't want to forget the party games, as even adults enjoy pin the lei on the hula dancer (never volunteer to be the hula dancer -always nominate someone far drunker than you). You'll also, will want to get hold of a long stick or use some string for the opportunity to partake in the enchanting ever so popular, limbo party game. After all, every cruise shop or tropical vacation hot spot is going to have a game of limbo happening somewhere! You might want to toss some tropical upbeat songs on the stereo as well, such as a mix from Jimmy Buffet or Jack Johnson ( who??) With that the mood is set and you guys are ready to party the night on to its fullest, just take care not to dislocate anything!

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