Come As You Are Party

Published : 22/01/2009 19:05:08
Categories : Party Themes and Occasions

This past summer, my wife and I were enjoying a nice, quiet afternoon at home. The kids, ages five and eight, were out the back, playing in the garden. Our neighbours brought their two year old son and five year old daughter over to play, along with some snacks and treats for the kids and the adults. My wife went out to join them, and called to me. I had been working in the garage on a project, and was hardly dressed to be presented to guests. My wife and the neighbours assured me that I would be acceptable. Think of it as a Come As You Are Party, I was told.

I had been working with bearing grease, and had it smeared all over me. I did clean up my hands and face, but was not dressed appropriately under my coveralls, so they stayed on. I was applauded when I joined the party, and quickly settled into the mood.

Another neighbour strolled by. Her three year old son dashed into the garden to play with the kids so she was forced to stay. She apologised for not being better dressed for the party, prompting my wife to point me out as the worst dressed attendee of this party.

Another neighbour from across the street saw the commotion. He is an older, retired gentlemen who often helps me with my garage projects. He always has something for the neighbourhood kids, and they all love him. He came over with crisps and magic slates, (the kind you find in party bags) for the children. He was quick to point out that I looked like I had just crawled out of a boiler. I tried to explain the Come As You Are concept, but he was not buying it. So I grabbed some crisps and went back to the garage!

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