Confessions of a Shopaholic is a wonderful excuse for a party

Published : 04/11/2008 12:08:06
Categories : Film and Movies

Let's face it; every opportunity to throw a party is one that shouldn't be missed. So if you're looking for a reason to get your friends together to celebrate life and fun, you might take advantage of the upcoming February 20th release of Confessions of a Shopaholic and have a bit of a do with your girlfriends.

It's true, Britain's favourite shopaholic Rebecca Bloomwood is coming alive from Sophia Kinsella's novels to the big screen, and if you and your friends have been following her mishaps along the way, you will not want to miss this film. It might be fun to have a pre-movie release night party reviewing her exploits in anticipation of the film.

In fact, in true Bloomwood fashion, you would have to go crazy purchasing only the very best party foods and clothes to wear to your opening night party event. All of your party supplies will need to be matching and coordinated of course, so that you and your friends can celebrate this fabulous movie in style.

Even if you just throw together a quick mini party before the movie showing, her antics are going to be slightly more colourful if you start out the night with a few drinks and laughs before hitting the cinema. Plus, for mums who have been reading Kinsella for years, a night out to have fun with this charming novel character, will be a nice excuse to be twenty and single, flailing through the streets of Britain once again.

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