Confirmation Party

Published : 14/01/2009 07:32:22
Categories : Party Themes and Occasions

Through the magic of the Internet, I recently reconnected with a kid from my hometown. Ok, neither of us are kids any more, but I haven't seen him in over twenty five years, so in my mind he is still a kid. In the interests of full disclosure, in my mind I am still a kid too.   We went to primary school together, and part of secondary school.  Our families were members of the same church, so we also went through religious education together. When I did reconnect with Sean, it was to discuss a blog post that he made about a confirmation party. Keep in mind, we're talking about an event that happened almost thirty years ago.  He recalled a confirmation party hosted by our religious education instructors and our parish priest. The priest was asking questions of our confirmation class, and rewarding correct answers with a toy or sweets from a two plain cloth like party bags that he brought with him. 

Nobody was having any fun, because most of the kids were getting the questions wrong. Sean and I both figured out that the party would end as soon as the bags were empty. The kid in front of me was asked a question, and was clearly stumped. I leaned forward to whisper the answer, and he got it right. A kid sitting near Sean was asked a question, and I nodded to Sean to do the same. He did, and suddenly we had a little competition going between us.   The discussion in his blog led back to the confirmation party of all those years ago and kept the same competition going until the very end. He remembered that the last answer to the last question was "popcorn". After all this time, I had to point out that the last answer was really "bread" and that I was the one who ended the game. I guess we haven’t really grown up that much after all.


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