Consider a teddy bear tea party for your young birthday girl

Published : 23/12/2008 15:15:01
Categories : Party Themes and Occasions

If you want to plan a special Birthday party for your young child, you may consider planning a teddy bear tea party. Most little girl's (and quite a few young boy's too) tend to love not only their stuffed friends, but also the idea of dressing up and playing as an adult serving out the tea. Planning the party is simple as you can invite each of your daughter's friends with tea party invites asking them to bring along their favourite teddy bear to the birthday party.  To keep the tea party delicate for your budding young women, you can choose classic hot pink and pastel pink party supplies for your party plates, cups, and tablecovers and decorations. You'll also will want to purchase some plastic teacups, since glass or ceramics may be dangerous with too many young children about. We had a smashing tea party with a ceramic child's tea set once and my young son very quickly turned the 12 piece set into a 112 piece setting! For your party buffet, you can serve biscuits and tea  or squash while the children sit around and take turns introducing their teddy bear friends. After tea is served, a Winnie the Pooh movie can be a great way to entertain your young guests as they are dressed in their tea party clothes and are not then the best candidates for outside play or messy crafts.  After the movie, you can invite the girls back to the tea party for the much awaited teddy bear birthday cake.  

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