Consider adding a twist to a typical Christmas party

Published : 28/11/2008 19:10:52
Categories : Seasonal Parties

If you truly want to make a splash planning this year's Christmas party why not consider mixing up the theme this year and creating a tropical Christmas party. While this may sound confusing at first, making your Christmas party a tropical celebration is easier than you may think.

For starter's you will want to send out your party invitations informing your guests that this year's Christmas party is going to be a tropical extravaganza, and encourage them to dress for it as such. Thus, your friends get the chance to dig out their summer clothes, which are a friendly sight in late November! (Of course, remember to jack the heat up in your home, or you will all freeze!)

Next, you will have to go to work decorating your home for a tropical Christmas party. You might head online to purchase inflatable palm trees or tropical sunset room setter. At least one inflatable palm tree is nice because then you can decorate it with LED Christmas lights, and give your friends a location to drop off their Christmas presents.

You also might consider pulling out the shed some garden chairs for your living room, with the chairs set up to allow guests to "tan" and relax near the fireplace. While some people may think you’re off the wall, most will probably find your twist on a Christmas party to be a welcome fun change from the usual traditional festivities.

Of course, you’ll want to purchase tropical and holiday Christmas party supplies, and you might choose Santa napkins and palm tree cups! Whatever floats your boat, this year just make sure Santa turns up at your party to dish out the gifts .One word of advice though, try to dig out the Santa suite first and plan your entrance before your alcohol soaked brain engages, making the Santa down the Chimney party piece seem like the gag of the century!

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