Contact your local Paintball centre for a paintballing party

Published : 25/03/2009 13:47:47
Categories : Party Games and Ideas

It's time to have a party for your teenage son-birthday parties are traditionally cake, presents and party bags so you do that; but after, how about an afternoon at the paintball centre? Both girls and boys will love it and for most it will be something entirely different and fun. The paintball centre will have all the necessary equipment from paint guns and ammo to all the safety gear required, masks helmets knee and elbow pads and the like. They usually don't supply clothing so indicating a dress code might be in order, put it on the invitations. Overalls are a good idea and while the paint is supposed to be completely washable why take the chance.

The paintball centre will have supervisors and they will set the rules of engagement for the various wars to be contended. It's a good idea to have birthday boy pick the teams but just so it's fair ask him to divide the teams equally between boy and girls, it will be more fun than say boys against girls.   Everyone plays and each event has a last person standing winner. Depending on how many kids there are you can have several face-offs with the winner advancing to the next level. The ultimate winner gets a prize. As I said, paintballing is probably something most of the kids have not done before; it won't take long for them to get hooked. The appropriate safety gear provided by the paintball center will keep everyone from getting hurt, although there may be a bruise or two on any unprotected area. Believe it or not those bruises are considered a badge of courage by both boys and girls.

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