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Published : 05/03/2009 06:45:19
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The crafts that my children do never ceases to amaze me. And, the fun they have in making crafts is amazing to me also. They make artsy projects in school. My wife makes them hand-make cards for birthday parties, and thank you cards when they get gifts. There may be some grumbling at first, but once the tape, glue, paper, and paint all come out it’s fun. Maybe they just enjoy making a big mess?

In any event, I was surprised to come home from work and find them very busy with a new crafts project. My wife was experimenting with a new way to distinguish wine glasses at the next family party. She purchased packages of beads and was stringing them together with an elastic cord, then tying them like a bracelet. Her idea was that you could pick a ring of beads, stretch it over the bottom of your wine glass, and then when you are done pull the beads back off. This sounded like a brilliant idea.

My kids, however, had another idea. The were turning this crafts project into a jewellery party. My daughter especially was making her own necklace with the beads. She got the idea when she took one of the rings my wife made and put it on one of her dolls. Then she had to have a life-sized one for herself.   My son was interested too, but instead of using beads on this crafts project he was making a necklace out of toy Transformer parts. This way, he explained, he could have them all ready in case he had to do battle. I thought this was all really good, both as a way to separate wine glasses and as something fun for the kids to make. And the best bit was there was no glue involved, so I wouldn’t accidentally be stuck to my chair.

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Sally @ Crafts Beads

05/03/2009 16:45:43

Sounds like everyone had fun then! That's the great thing about beads, they aren't messy.. Unless they are tiny ones that get lost everywhere

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