Create a bit of theatre at your Glow in the Dark Party

Published : 03/04/2009 13:33:06
Categories : Party Planning and Entertainment

Glow in the dark parties have really become quite the rave, especially amongst the younger generation. If you are having a hard time coming up with ideas for your next party, then perhaps all you need to do is turn out the lights.

The party supplies that you are going to need for this glow in the dark party are glow sticks and glow bracelets, pretty much anything that glows in the dark really. You can even buy glow in the dark invitations that will give everyone an idea of what they can expect on the night. Of corse make sure that your party takes place after sun down for maximum effect.

For decorations pick neon balloons. You can even get tiny little LED lights to pop in side them that make the bright neon colours glow in the dark. You can add these lights to any latex balloon you like really, they don't have to be neon it's just that these ones look particularly spectacular for this kind of party.

For your party drinks make them glow with special glow ice cubes. Alternatively just wind or loop glow bracelets around the stem of your glasses. Join glow sticks together with the little connecters that come in the pack to make one very long glow stick several feet long and then curl it several times around a wine bottle and secure with a little tape. Don't worry, you'll hardly see the tape at all. If serving spirits why not pick one colour for each type. For example use green glow bracelets for Gin, blue for Vodka etc. Now arrange your drinks on a table outside in the darkest area of your garden for maximum effect and your guests will be able to see the bar and work their way round it with out the need for any additional lighting. Finally group your led lit neon balloons together and arrange in clusters around your home and turn out the lights for a stunning bit of theatre for your glow in the dark party.

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