Create memmories with a Routemaster Bus Party

Published : 25/05/2009 13:01:22
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Even if you have lived in London for your entire life, the possibility that you know all there is to know about every nook and cranny is completely remote. What fun it would be to hire a routemaster bus for the day with you and your friends for a riotous birthday party. It would be a nifty idea to kidnap a Don from Oxford to do the history bit.

I once had the opportunity to take a paddle wheel river boat through the bayous around New Orleans and as luck would have it, the guy driving the boat was a professor of history at Tulane University, what a blast; he knew all the nifty stuff that you just can’t get from a tour guide. If you know someone like that or have a friend that does, you just can't go wrong by inviting him along, the way I hear it, those guys will do just about anything for a free meal :)

With the routemaster bus and all the party supplies in hand you are ready to spend a wonderful day of discovery, some of the things you see will be things you pass by every day and don't give a second thought to, I read once that the majority of people that live in Paris have never actually been to the Eiffel Tower, can you imagine that?

You can design your own route or the company will offer a tour package such as the historic tour, or one to the embankment, I prefer the do-it-yourself thing which will allow you to see just what you want to see. You will need to send a cheque for a ton with the remainder due twenty one days prior to the booking date so you need to plan ahead. If you are looking for a bit of nostalgia and something a little bit different for your event this year, what better way to party with your guests than taking in the sights of London on your very own Routmaster bus -  oh and this is the one time you really can drink and drive!

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