Create Your Own Reusable, Themed Blob Lights

Published : 22/08/2012 10:33:57
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Create Your Own Reusable, Themed Blob LightsWe all know that candles can help to transform a table or party into something that feels a little special. From candelabras to a single red candle, and from birthday cakes to chunky candles reflected in windows on a dark evening, the natural flickering light adds a certain kind of magic. Yet throw a few children into the mix and you have a problem.

Naked flames and small children do not a perfect match make! However, I recently came across a great idea which I thought I'd share with you today, and which easily lends itself to a whole variety of different occasions and themes. You'll already be familiar with tea lights, but have you seen electric tea lights? They're now available in many different places, from DIY stores to supermarkets and even those discount stores with the word 'pound' somewhere in the name.

They're not the most attractive of items, but they do look like tea lights, and they do produce the illusion of a flickering flame, without the heat or danger of course. Buy a few, and grab some balloons while you're at it. Now, cut off the bottom of the balloon, where you normally inflate it, and pull the rest of the balloon over the top of the tea light, a little as though you were putting on a swimming cap.

Pull the cut, open edge of the balloon down so that it is level with the bottom of the tea light, and then open up a small gap so that you can partially inflate the balloon. The switch for the electric tea light will be on the bottom, so this is still easily accessible, and what you should find is that once you switch it on, and place it on a table, the floor or a windowsill, you get the realistic flickering of a candle, but from a softly coloured wobbly blob that looks really funky!

For children's birthday parties you can either use a whole bunch of different colours, or use coloured balloons which tie in with the party theme. For Halloween you can use orange and black balloons, or even buy those balloons with skulls and ghosts printed on them. The great thing with these blob lights is that you can reuse the electric tea lights again and again, simply changing the balloons for each theme or event.

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