Creating A Guest List For A Children's Birthday Party

Published : 20/09/2011 16:26:02
Categories : Party Planning and Entertainment

Children's Birthday Party InvitationsCreating a guest list for a children's birthday party is perhaps second only in terms of stress and potential expense to a wedding guest list. For infant and primary age children there's almost a feeling that the whole class needs to be invited, along with their various friends in other classes, plus friends from clubs, family friends, neighbours and so on.

It's easy for the guest list to start at 30 and rise rapidly towards the half century. How do you regain an element of control over the invitations? By deciding on the venue first you have a clear limit on the maximum number of people you can safely invite. It's important not just to imagine them running around, but sitting down having tea, because this will be the main limiting factor.

On average the guest list for children's parties tends to be 20, so give your child a list with 15 spaces, and ask them to go through it with you, choosing 15 people. Inevitably they'll think of one or two extra they'd love to have, which will be all right if your real limit is 20. If you can only have 15, then give your child a limit of 10-12. By getting your child to help you create a list, with a maximum cap, you won't have the worry of having to invite 40 children in the hope that half of them won't be able to make it! Once you've created your guest list make sure you send the invitations out in plenty of time as children often seem to have such exciting social lives that their weekend time is often booked up well in advance. Don't forget also to include an RSVP request, with a telephone number ideally.

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25/09/2011 02:25:41

i never thought that it could be so stressfull to plan a childs party.firstly u try to invite the kids that are almost the same age as ure one and when u tell the parents they expect to bring the siblings as well.uhhhhhhh


21/09/2011 18:41:42

Look out for a blog post coming later this week - it's a fabulous, comprehensive checklist for planning a children's birthday party! It sounds as though it will be ideal for helping you make sure you don't forget anything.

Vauvan Nenä

21/09/2011 18:31:41

It's hard to make a list for a child's birthday party, because there are a lot of stuff to do. First to write the invitations, then to plan all the party, it's so hard :D. Best regards !

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