Credit Crunch Party

Published : 02/12/2008 07:30:52
Categories : Party Planning and Entertainment

With everyone feeling the pinch it’s time for the credit crunch party. You can get a group of family members and close friends together, and each time one of you has a party to celebrate you can all chip in and take part. You will need to work out who does what best and share your talents with each other,for multiple parties for different people at different times throughout the year. Let the cake maker make the cakes, the sandwich maker make sandwiches and have someone dedicated to each expertise of party food.

If one of your groups can provide the entertainment then use them, whether it's as a clown or simply someone with a music system to play party tunes on. Also with so many high quality computers game machines available why not make the theme of a computer game, maybe sort out a tournament based on a game. Many kid's have a karaoke machine or something that converts a computer or stereo in to a karaoke machine and that is something again for nothing. So beyond a couple of quid on banners and party accessories (which of course are reusable if you are careful) you can use what you already have and make the most of your talents and those of the people around you. A Credit Crunch party can be just as much fun as any other party, you can even have a bit of fun shopping around online to bag some real bargains for your basic party supplies.

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