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Published : 06/04/2009 18:45:47
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Dancing has been a part of every single human culture since the dawn of time. Dancing fulfills a number of roles in each and every culture. Dancing can be a form of worship, and at the same time a form of martial training too. Dance can be a way to relax and enjoy free time with friends and family, and at the same time a form of exercise.

Dance can also be a gateway to a deeper understanding of other cultures. Whatever the ultimate reason for dancing, it is always fun, and always appropriate at a party celebration.   To have dancing at a party is to have a complete party. It can be a birthday party, an anniversary party, an engagement party, or simply, a dance party for its own sake.   Of course there are as many different types of dancing as there are people who dance. Consider the party you are hosting and think about an appropriate dance for it.

A wedding dance may not be the most appropriate dance for a funeral, and a martial arts training dance like Capoeira may not be the right choice for your daughter's third birthday party or your grandmother's eighty fifth birthday party- at any rate you get what I'm driving at.

The choice of the dance will then dictate the style of music, and possibly even the themed party supplies and decorations you choose to dress your event   Since the dancing will undoubtedly take a lot out of you and your guests, good refreshments are a must. Of course, it wouldn't be a real party without cake, and it is not only easy, but fun, to select from a variety of cakes that will go along with your dancing theme and complete your party celebrations nicely.

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