Dance Party

Published : 02/03/2009 18:04:36
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My five year old daughter has recently discovered the television show Hi-5. It features five young adults that sing, dance, and perform skits. The show targets kids up to eight years old. My eight year old son watches it too, but denies that he likes it.   My daughter loves this show so much that she runs around the house singing their songs. I cannot even imagine how she managed to learn the songs so fast, but she has. This prompted her to perform for the family. My wife, son, and I all sat together while she put on her show. She sang three songs even better than the people on the television.

My son stood up and declared that we were having a dance party. He ran to his room and came back with a CD compilation, NOW 3760271 or something like that and he proceeded to dance and shake his stuff to some artist I was not familiar with. I must confess though as the album played on there were a few re mixes that I did know and I commented on how I used to own the 12 inch from the original artist. My son just stared at me as though as if I was speaking Russian.

Not to be outdone, my daughter grabbed her High School Musical CD. The party continued while she sang and danced her selected numbers. My son ran away again and returned with an inflatable guitar that he used to accompany his sister in her performance. This was too much to resist, so my wife and I got up to dance too.   The kids rocked for nearly an hour. We were winding down and putting our music away when the kids decided that we had to end the party with a pizza, cake, and ice cream – oh and if we could stretch to party bags too that would be great. My son reminded us of a pronouncement that he made years ago: "It's not a party without a cake". So if we wanted to call this little session a dance party, we flippin well better come up with some cake. I remarked that I wasn't too bothered what we called our little dance session and that there would be NO cake. I do love to have fun with the kid's.

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