Darts Party

Published : 02/02/2009 18:39:34
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I have been to a great number of parties thrown by my wife and her family.  These always end up being a good time, but in my opinion my wife's family is dominated by women.  They come up with fun activities, but the activities do not always come across at first glance as the most masculine of activities.   My brother, on the other hand, threw a manly party to celebrate the completion of his lounge refinishing job.  The theme of his party was darts.  And beer.  Darts and beer.  We started out with a round-robin darts tournament.  I am not a great darts player.  That is another way of stating that I can barely hit the wall, much less the target.  Hit the wall I did though, placing several holes in his newly finished wall around the target board.   Once the holes were made, and more beer consumed, an interesting contest emerged.  The dart board target was abandoned, and balloons were taped to the wall (I know, you're thinking without reading any further that this already sounds like a bad idea).  Lines were taped across the floor at two foot intervals.  Contestants started at the furthest line, took a drink, and threw a single dart. 

If you hit a balloon, you can take a drink, or pick someone to take a drink for you.  If you miss a balloon, you automatically take a drink.  Instead of moving back further away from the wall, we move closer.  Eventually, after a lot of darts and beers, the final balloon was broken.   This was a great darts party.  I can't claim responsibility for breaking any balloons, but my brother is definitely holding me responsible for a high percentage of the holes in his wall.  I am sure he will be hosting another party just for me to repair the damage. I of couse will be doing no such thing. A bag of party supplies and a few beers is always my personal maximum party contribution for any away leg.

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