December Anniversary Party

Published : 06/12/2008 08:10:25
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If it's not bad enough that we have to throw a December birthday party, we also wrestle with what to do for our anniversary. December is a very busy month for our family. We decided to get married after a very romantic proposal. My wife asked me to pass her the ketchup, I asked her to marry me. She agreed, so I passed her the ketchup!

The question switched from, will we get married, to, when can we get married? My brother was getting married in August. Her brother was getting married the following August. Her nephew was getting married in June. Both sides of the family would be in the area for Christmas. The church would already be decorated. At the time, December 26 seemed like the perfect day to get married.

While it was a great wedding, and I am to this day very happy that we didn't wait longer, trying to figure out how to have an anniversary celebration on the day after Christmas has its challenges. We often travel to visit family for Christmas. Should we ditch the kids with grandma and grandad for a nice dinner, or should we throw a big party for everyone, complete with all the trappings?

Most years we've kept the anniversary to ourselves. For our tenth we did host an anniversary party at my parents’ house. For our fifteenth? We have a few more years to go on that one. I expect by our twenty-fifth that our kid's should throw us a party, if they can squeeze it in to their busy December.

A final note on the ketchup proposal. My wife has dried flowers on the wall. My son asked if they were flowers from when I asked her to marry me. She told him the ketchup story. His question -"Was it at least Heinz ?"

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