Decorating Children's Glasses For A Barbecue Or Picnic

Published : 17/04/2012 10:15:41
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The other day I was talking on here about how it might be worth considering swapping glasses for plastic glasses when it comes to launching into the season of barbecues and picnics. But I focused almost exclusively on wine glasses, champagne flutes and cocktail glasses. The one thing I didn't look at were children's glasses. Of course one of the reasons for this is that often when going on picnics or having barbecues children are by default given plastic glasses to drink from rather than real glass.

But there is still no reason why you can't have fun decorating children's glasses for parties, picnics or other events. Whilst you can still use acrylic paints, I would tend to avoid this simply because children do tend to end up with more of the glass in their mouths than adults, and there is a risk of them ingesting fragments of acrylic paint, which won't do them a great deal of good. But whilst thinking about decorating children's glasses it is important not to forget the fact that children themselves love being involved in decorating things and making things. A barbecue or picnic gives them a chance not only to decorate something that has practical use, but also something which will be seen by other people.

There are plenty of children's party cups available, such as those you can find on our shop, but you can have just as much fun making your own decorations starting out with ordinary plastic cups or beakers. All you need is some PVA glue, and a variety of things such as googly eyes, pom-poms, coloured paper, water-based child friendly paints, and any other bits and pieces which could conceivably be glued to the outside of a plastic beaker. Your children will have enormous fun decorating their own cups, perhaps turning them into monsters, daleks or anything else their imagination can come up with.

Whilst it is probably not practical to do this for a large party of 20 or 30 children, if it is just two or three children who are going to be at a barbecue or picnic and they are old enough to be able to do much of the work themselves then there's no reason at all why they can't have a go. After all, it'll keep them out of trouble for a good 20 minutes if you're lucky!

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