Delicious Cupcake Recipe for a Kids Party

Published : 05/07/2009 07:19:07
Categories : Party Food and Drinks

If you are in the market for the perfect cupcakes to enthrall the youngsters at a kids party then it is time to get creative. Most of us grew up on angel sponge cupcakes or chocolate cupcakes, but these days there are endless possibilities when it comes to the perfect kids party treats.

Cup cake recipes are generally not any different from a cake recipe. The baking time is generally the only true variation. Thus, anything you can make into a cake you can turn around and put it in a cupcake dish. Red velvet, carrot, or your grandmother’s special blend can all work perfectly for the cupcake recipe base.

Your icing choices are even more unlimited. A strawberry cupcake with a milk chocolate cream cheese based icing can have even the adults at the kid’s party ogling over the treat tray. Making icing from scratch doesn't actually take very long and the result is well worth the extra few minutes. This way, just like a cake base, you get to be in complete control over the flavours. You can tone them down or amp them up to suit your needs.

Dressing up your cupcakes for your kid’s party is the of course the cream of the baking process. This is where your creative powers can really shine, even if you aren’t sure how strong those powers are. For those of you who are convinced that you simply don’t have the creative powers of decoration, you can purchase pre made, ready to stick on cupcake party decorations. Whether your event is a birthday party, a school break party, or a party celebrating a first lost tooth, there is a perfect ready made party cupcake decoration out there for you.

Of course, what kid doesn't love a full sized party cake in the image of their favourite TV or movie character? Shrinking full sized cakes down into a little cupcake might seem like a really big challenge. However, with a little assistance from a professional there is simply no limit to the potential possibilities.

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