Did You Know..? Valentine's Day Facts You May Not Know

Published : 14/02/2012 09:00:58
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Search for heart themed products on our siteWell, here it is again - Valentine's Day, the day of love, of wonder, and of romance. Or, if you happen to be married already, the day you put the bins out, de-flea the cat and book your dentist appointment. But in the spirit of love and romance we thought it might be fun to have a look at a few forgotten facts and traditions which centre around February 14th and St Valentine.

Heart on your sleeve In the Middle Ages there was a tradition which saw young men and woman drawing each others' names from a bowl to see who their Valentines would be. These names were then worn on their sleeves for one week, giving rise to the phrase 'wearing your heart on your sleeve'. I tried this one myself in the office earlier. Unfortunately I was the only one in at the time so I just through a few random scraps of paper in a bucket. Apparently my Valentine this year is going to be someone called 'If Undelivered'.

The core of love Another tradition from long ago was to think of five or six names of people you might marry, and then twist an apple stem round, saying each name in turn. Whichever name you were saying as the stem broke off would be the person you would marry. I tried this earlier too, and apparently I'll be marrying someone called 'Damn Thing Won't Break'.

Two for joy Another Middle Ages belief was that if a woman saw a robin flying overhead on Valentine's Day she would marry a sailor, if she saw a sparrow she would marry a poor man, and if she saw a goldfinch she'd marry a millionaire. I just looked out of the window and saw a fat pigeon eating a worm. Happy Valentine's Day To All Our Customers And Visitors - We Love You Very Much!

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