Diet issues leading to party anxiety

Published : 27/01/2009 13:10:03
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With the holiday season past, it is no wonder that after numerous parties you may be feeling a little of the winter blues. Which is why receiving a new party invitation in late January may be joyous for you. However, for those who are trying to diet after the party season, another party with delicious foods and drinks may be the last thing you want. For those who have diet issues leading to party anxiety, here are a few tips so that you can enjoy your next party without worrying about an expanding waistline.

First off, before you head to a party, you should take advantages of the following tip to trim your eating at your next children's birthday party, stag party, or whatever the event happens to be. At home, have a healthy snack such as fruits and vegetables and a glass of water to help curb your appetite. Commonly people mistake thirst for being hungry, so make sure you take care of this factor before you walk out the door.

Once you are at the party, try and use a desert plate instead of a regular sized plate to choose your items from the party buffet. Since they are smaller, you will be encouraged to take smaller portions which allows your stomach time to process the food you are eating so that you do not accidentally over eat just because the food is sitting in front of you on the plate.

Next, try to avoid any chips or dips that are on the table. While it may be tempting, these yummy dips served at a party are often filled with more calories than the snacks you are dipping into them.

While you are avoiding extra calories, limit how much alcohol you drink at the party as well. It is amazing how many empty calories there are in a simple mixed drink. A wine spritzer is a nice alternative to just wine and go easy on all those mixers like coke and lemonade which can really tot up your calorie intake. Making these simple adjustments to your eating and drinking habits should help to ease your party anxieties when trying to maintain your diet but don't forget you are still going to need to rely on a good reseve of will power.

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