Different Ways to Serve Ice at Your Party

Published : 08/07/2009 06:56:57
Categories : Party Food and Drinks

Serving ice at a party is generally a rather mundane process that doesn't light up anyone's party. However, if you are looking to pep up the ice for your party table, there are several different ways that you can give the ice a little extra kick.

Lighted ice cubes are simple reusable cubes that can be frozen and washed and give a little bit of celebration sparkle to each and every drink. Whether you are using simple half pint tumblers or party martini glasses, a lighted ice cube is the next great revolution in serving ice at a party.

Specialty ice cube trays can give your party ice a new and improved look. You can buy them in stars, animals, or even suggestive shapes to give your party the extra little ice cube edge that will separate your event from everyone else's. There is nothing quite like filling your special party glasses with ice cubes that shock or please.

Of course, there are other ways that you can get creative with your ice that doesn't require such planning. One large ice block with a do it yourself ice pick can go over well at certain types of parties. However, be careful with ice pick use when the half pint tumblers have been refilled one time too time.

Your party guests will enjoy ice sculptures that can be used for drink ice. Your guests will also enjoy the simple shapes and designs that you can create by freezing ice cubes together or by freezing ice into different large moulds. Either way, when your guests find a new and unusual ice delivery at your party, the uniqueness of your party increases ten fold.

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