Dinosaur Party - A Day and Night at the Museum

Published : 28/05/2009 07:32:58
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What kid doesn't like dinosaurs, what with stuffed toys, cartoon characters, animated television shows and block buster movies like Jurassic Park, dinosaurs are a fascinating bit of ancestry, so instead of a movie, why not take the kids to see the real thing. A party at the natural history museum to see the real thing or at least the remnants of the real thing can be a wonderful experience for the young dinosaur fan, so a dinosaur party is a natural fit. To compliment a day at the museum stop by the party supplies shop and bring along Dinosaur plates and cups because even the biggest dinosaur fan will need a refreshment break at some point. Add in Dinosaur party bags filled with Dinosaur skeletons and gliders. Dinosaur slime putty eggs make great party prizes for interactive Q&A quizzes you may wish to play during your whirlwind prehistoric party experience.

I could be hanging out with Elisabeth Hurley but at some point, a distant point granted, I would need a break. The areas around the natural history museum are great for a picnic and a perfect spot to serve your themed Dinosaur cake is easy to be found.Sitting under the huge dinosaur skeleton at the museum entrance however is not allowed.

Finding new and unusual dinosaur party ideas can be tricky, especially when no other party theme will do. A dinosaur party at the natural history museum seems like a perfect fit for those young enthusiasts and a day at the museum could be also followed by, what else, A Night At The Museum2, the perfect movie to end your big day out in town.

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Dinosaur Party

24/01/2013 13:53:34

what lovely ideas! thank you for sharing :)

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