Dinosaur Party in the park

Published : 12/04/2009 19:14:50
Categories : Party Themes and Occasions

Head outdoors for a Dinosaur Birthday Party, and watch the kids act like prehistoric creatures! Select a spot in your back garden or a park location for a nice party setting. Pack a tasty lunch for each child in a Dinosaur Food Box. Send Dinosaur Party Invitations two weeks in advance to the prospective guests.

On the day of the party, prepare a picnic or park table for the children to eat their lunches on. Wrap the table in a colourful Dinosaur Party Table cover. Add matching Dinosaur cups and Dinosaur party plates to create a festive flair. Place the Dinosaur Cake in the middle of the picnic table, and you have the beginning of a spectacular event! Set the Dinosaur party bags on the picnic table to create an air of tantalising anticipation.

On the trees, tie dinosaur flag banners to give a nice colour splash to the celebration. Suspend the stegosaurus pinata from a nearby tree, and watch the children chatter with excitement. You could even fill your party pinata with water bombs for a little extra surprise! Play the game encouraging the kids to act like their favourite dinosaur. Have them all pretend they are ferocious prehistoric creatures as they swing at the dinosaur with the basher. Everyone will soon be enjoying either a bountiful reward for their efforts or a refreshing shower!

Your Dinosaur party complete you can now hand out to your guests those eagerly awaited dinosaur filled party bags that the kids have had their eye on all afternoon.

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