Dinosaur slime putty eggs make great party prizes

Published : 29/04/2009 18:38:09
Categories : Party Planning and Entertainment

If you are throwing a Dinosaur party for the kids a great way for them to "earn" prizes is with a dinosaur slime putty egg hunt. It doesn't have to be Easter to hide eggs and plan a scavenger hunt or in this case a fossil dig, to find the eggs and "excavate" the dinosaurs found inside. It might be best to do this outside, sometimes the slime is difficult to get out of the carpet, if outside isn't an option then a sheet or mat of some kind on a hardwood floor is the best place to unleash the beast within.

Many shops that stock party supplies carry dinosaur slime putty eggs, some with slime and some with the bones locked in dry clay that the discoverer digs out with a provided pick and a brush. Either way the prize can be the dinosaur itself, or points awarded for each egg found, with a prize going to the kid who finds the most eggs. If you want to go whole hog the dinosaur theme can extend even to providing explorer clothes for the dig.

 It's not a bad idea if the dig is actually outside in the dirt or a sand pit, so have something for the kids to wear that will allow them to keep their party clothes clean. If overalls might pinch your budget have the parents provide play clothes and a change for when the party moves back inside. A dinosaur slime putty egg party game is a great way to keep the little ones happy and its fun for the parents too.

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