Disney Party Spectacle

Published : 23/03/2009 06:33:19
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When I talk about a Disney party, my daughter (five and a half years old) immediately thinks about Disney Princess. She is all set to break out her tiaras for us all to wear. My eight year old son shudders at the thought (although he has been a good sport and played along when pressed). His idea of a good Disney party is a Cars theme. He can't dress up as Lightning McQueen, but he will pull out his toy cars and ask us all to race them. My wife and I, and other family our age, know that there is a lot more to Disney than just princesses and cars. We are talking about a Disney party where you can come as a Disney character as long as you are NOT dressed like a princess or a car.

This leaves a lot of other characters on the table. Obviously Mickey and Minnie are still available, but they go fast when people hear about a Disney themed party. Others will think of Goofy. One of my neighbours even talked about dressing up her dog as Pluto. There are others to dress up as too. We picked out some nephews that we could dress up as the Seven Dwarfs although one of them is in his teens and I think you can probably guess his reaction to our suggestion.

Some other favourite characters that would be qualified are Donald Duck, the Beast (from Beauty and the Beast), Gaston (also from Beauty and the Beast, very attractive for the spitting), and the Genie from Aladdin. My personal favourite though is Dumbo. And, he would be an easy costume to make, with the big ears, a trunk, and a hat. We are not quite ready to assign characters, but our thought is to put out a list for our guests to select from. I'm keeping Dumbo off of the list. He is mine!

As far as the food , decorations, party bags and other such parafinalia goes, I reckon we’ll have a whole plethora of Disney Party stuff to choose from; although If my daughter has her way we’ll be concentrating on a certain princess who shall remain nameless…she will not be having her way!

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