Disposable Tableware for a Picnic

Published : 28/07/2009 05:16:12
Categories : Party Planning and Entertainment

You can use disposable tableware for a picnic if you go about with a sense of ecological responsibility. Your guests, no matter how many there are, can be asked to sort their rubbish into two or three rubbish bins once their food is gone. Colourful plastic party plates are durable enough to hold food and if recycled they end up becoming more colourful party plastic plates or something new and fun.

Plastic glasses, plastic pint and half pint tumblers are the perfect way to serve beer and soft drinks and they can easily be collected at the end of the picnic in rubbish bins for recycling. There is no need for your picnic guests to leave their rubbish all over the ground. Making the rubbish bins easy to identify and easy to empty will make it all the more likely that rubbish will not litter the grounds when you are finished.

Plastic forks, plastic spoons, and plastic knives can be quite hearty and can hold up to the rigors of picnic foods and can also be recycled at the end of the party. Disposable tableware is the easy answer for hosting a picnic while it can be an ecological nightmare when it is left all over the picnic grounds. Using disposable tableware doesn't mean that you are encouraging litter.

Even if you are hosting an event for a club, and office party, or a committee gathering, disposable tableware is easy to recycle. Sometimes you just have to remind people that their mothers are not around to clean up after them and you have to request that they do it themselves. Sure, you'll have a few that ignore your requests but most people will happily recycle their disposable tableware in the right receptacle because it makes them feel good. After all, responsible use of disposable tableware is still much easier than dragging all of your good tableware from home.

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