Do You Do Kazoo? Taking The Kazoo To A Whole New Level

Published : 17/10/2010 23:58:01
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Kazoos are funny things, because most people assume they know exactly how to make a noise with one, until the moment it hits their lips. If you give a kazoo to a child they will generally below, wondering why it makes so little noise. Children are good at making noise, and it might almost seem as though kazoos have been invented to make children quite. The answer, if you're not sure, is that you don't actually blow a kazoo, but instead you hum through it. kazooWe can supply kazoos at a very low price, and they make ideal gifts for party bags, or for prizes.They're available in several bright colours, including pink, purple, blue, yellow, orange and green.

At only 17 pence they're incredibly affordable, and can provide a huge amount of fun. As long as somebody knows how to make a noise with one, the technique can be picked up very quickly, and you'll soon have an entire room full of children all humming through a kazoo, and of course, all humming completely different tunes. If you're thinking of giving kazoos away in your party bags, or as prizes for games, why not introduce everybody to playing the kazoo by including them in a game?

There are lots of possibilities, but here's one rather fun idea that is bound to get children laughing and giggling, and will prove very popular. Let's assume that it's a birthday party, so get all the children to sit or stand in a circle, and have each child with their own kazoo. Decide on one child to start the whole thing off, and get them with their kazoo to play the first note, and only the first note, of the 'Happy Birthday' song. Going round the circle, either clockwise or anticlockwise, the next child plays the second note, the third child the third note, and so on. Nobody is allowed to play more than one note, and if they do, then either they're out and have to sit down, or you just start all over again.

It's surprisingly difficult, but children tends to enjoy challenges like this, and you can very easily find that they are quite willing to keep going through considerably long period of time, and the satisfaction of actually achieving it is superb. Challenge them to see how quickly they can play the complete song without giggling or going wrong! Of course, there's no real reason why you have to rely on children to provide the fun, and you might just as well decide to buy a pack of kazoos and hand them out at your next dinner party, getting all of your guests to play the 1812 Overture. Of course, we wouldn't even dream of suggesting that the penalty for playing a wrong note, or more than one note, would be to down a shot.

That would be completely irresponsible! Here's another challenge for you: see if the children at your party, or your guests at your dinner party, or just a group of friends can create a video or recording using this one note per kazoo-player method to play a well-known, recognizable rendition of a song, theme or tune. Send it in, and we'll be happy to post it on this blog so that we can all have a good giggle, or be utterly astonished at the sheer level of musical skill displayed! Extra marks are available if you manage to achieve a pretty good rendition of Flight Of The Bumblebee, but honestly, any tune will do, as long as we can tell what it is!

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