Don't Let Your Party Float Off Without You

Published : 28/07/2011 01:31:44
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It's easy to get all inflated about the great way in which helium balloons can really help lift the mood, but without wanting to burst your bubble at all, it's worth making sure that you have both feet firmly on the ground. Okay, that's enough of the dreadful puns - don't go just yet because there actually is a point to all this.

The point is that many people get all excited about having one, two or a whole heap of helium balloons, forgetting the fact that they have a tendency to float upwards. Unless you have either some string which you can tie the balloons onto things with, or you have some balloon weights, your party is likely to take off without you.

Tying helium balloons to things such as chair backs, radiators and door handles is all very well, but this ends up with either the balloons getting in the way, or the wonderfully decorative helium balloons floating in the corners and along the edges of rooms, rather out of the way. Helium balloons can make a great centrepiece to a table or a feature in a party room, but they do need to be weighted down.

Balloon weights can themselves be very decorative, and help tie in with the theme of your party, whether that's a colour theme such as gold, white, silver, pink or blue, or with shaped balloon weights such as stars, hearts or even champagne bottles. For weddings we can supply bells, champagne bottles and hearts, all of which mean that if you're putting a small group of helium balloons in the centre of a table people will be able to see the beautiful decoration, rather than just a pebble stuffed on top of the end of a bit of string.

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