Don't Settle For Chocolate Covered Sprouts - Be Creative With Your Prizes

Published : 06/09/2011 21:25:14
Categories : Party Games and Ideas , Party Planning and Entertainment

Winner's Medal"Congratulations George! After ten full minutes of hard work and dedication you have won... a small chocolate bar that will be gone in thirty seconds and forgotten in sixty..." That's the trouble with children's parties. Most prizes seem to be edible. And fattening. Having won three games, the prize for each being a large chocolate bar, George then sits down to the inviting looking tea, which of course consists of more chocolate bars, crisps, cakes and biscuits.

At the end of the party George is then handed an exciting party bag, containing a piece of heavily iced birthday cake and a few more chocolate bars. And then Mum wonders why she can't get him off the ceiling for four hours afterwards. By the way, did you know the UK is third in the world for obesity, with over a third of adults now clinically obese, and that the life expectancy in the UK is actually going down on average? Anyway, on to happier things - party prizes. There must be an alternative to prizes which are gone and forgotten within seconds, and don't help provide children with an entirely healthy diet. We know that handing George a nice stick of broccoli or a turnip isn't likely to win you may favours as a party host, but we can provide a few alternatives. Mini Award TrophyFor example, there's our great looking winner's medal on a beautiful striped ribbon, or our fabulous gold mini award trophy. For a movie inspired party there's our Hollywood shooting star trophy award, and for the more creative of you, why not pick up our pack of 100 modelling balloons and pump and produce a few balloon models as prizes? Nobody ever got fat wearing a medal or carrying a deformed balloon dog.

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