Don't skip the December birthday party!

Published : 04/12/2008 20:00:00
Categories : Seasonal Parties

A birthday party in December is not at the top of every parent's to-do list. With Christmas so close, there are too many other things to do. And, there are already so many other parties to attend. Who needs one more? Who can take one more? Will friends and family even attend, or are they already just too busy with their own plans?

While this approach may be very tempting, it certainly won't sit well with the birthday boy or girl, especially after attending birthday parties thrown for their classmates or cousins all year long. It also won't sit well with you, the parent. Your young child will eventually get over a skipped birthday. You however will have to live with the niggling guilt! What parent wants to disappoint their child during the Christmas season? Certainly not me, that's for sure.

The secret is to have a party that is low maintenance, low stress, and fun for both kids and adults. Kids and adults both can dress up as pirates and then go outside on a treasure hunt. After recovering the buried treasure, bring them all in for a mug of hot chocolate. If the weather is too cold, grab a balloon and a banner and take the whole party bowling. Keep the birthday party light hearted and fun. A little competition between the children and adults is always fun, especially if the adults don't try too hard to win. What kid doesn't like beating mum or dad?

Christmas is a great season for most children, but those kids with December birthdays often get the short end of the stick. Don't short-change your child. Set some time aside. Invite the friends and family to one more event this month. Throw a great birthday party for your December baby. After all, they won't stay this age forever.  

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