Don't throw a birthday party - go Zorbing

Published : 21/06/2009 11:50:34
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Is Zorbing a party experience too far? My wife and I are friends with several families that have children around the same ages as ours. These friendships trace back to my son's football team that he joined over three years ago. The boys on his team are now eight or nine years old, and are great friends. They often invite the entire team to each other’s birthday parties. This has caused some distress, and friendly competition, between us parents. Rarely will a full two months pass without one of the boys having a birthday. The kids and the parents try to outdo each other.

My wife recently stumbled upon something called "Zorbing" and is convinced that if we threw a zorbing party it would go down in the annals of football team birthday parties for ages to come. What is zorbing? My question exactly, at its heart, zorbing looks a lot like a gerbil in a little plastic ball. Make the ball bigger, and replace the gerbil with one or more football teammates, and watch the hilarity that ensues.   That's right folks. This new sport, invented in New Zealand, proposes to put one or more people inside a double layered plastic ball and roll them down a hill, or across a pond. The ball is actually two balls, one inside another. This enables the structure to be more flexible and less rigid than the hamster ball. What would be more fun for a football team birthday party than to get a view from the inside of the football?

I can only scratch my head at this. Granted, it does look like fun, but do our party supplies now have to include life jackets and harnesses? Will we be witnessing the birth of zorbing as an Olympic sport? I am thankful that our son’s birthday is in December. Can you go zorbing in the snow? Me thinks maybe this is a party theme that goes a tad too far.

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