Dora the Explorer Party

Published : 24/02/2009 13:42:29
Categories : Party Themes and Occasions

My five year old daughter (five and a half, she is now fond of pointing out) has just received an invitation to a party. One of the girls in her classroom is having a birthday. Her name is Dora, so her parents are hosting a Dora the Explorer party theme for all of the girls in the class.   My daughter brought home her Dora the Explorer invitation, and was very excited. I was confused at first. Both my daughter and my eight year old son watched Dora, but I thought they both had outgrown her.   Me: "Aren't you too big for Dora? I mean, after all, you are five and a half." Her: "It’s ok daddy. Some big girls like Dora too." Me :"Well, how old is the Dora in your class?" Her: "She is turning five. She is younger than me." Me: "So it's ok that she has a Dora party?" Her: “Yea, it's ok. I think she still likes Dora because of her name." Me: "So even if you don't watch Dora now you can still have fun with your friend Dora?" Her: "Yip - we'll have fun. Dora says we are going to have to follow the clues to find the treasure. Her little brother is going to help us too." Me: "Is her little brother named Boots the Monkey?" Her: "Of course not. Daddy, you are SO silly...and his name is not Diego either. We are going to find a treasure, have cake and ice cream, and a pinata too.” Me: "Well, it sounds like you will have a lot of fun. Just be on the lookout for Swiper!" Her: "Don't worry daddy. We'll be safe. Swiper is not for real. Hes just on the T.V." Me: "In that case, make sure you save me a piece of cake!"

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