Dora the Explorer Party Theme

Published : 27/07/2009 18:40:15
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Dora the Explorer party themes are a big hit with the preschool population. Her tasks of finding all the clues with her friends, Backpack, Boots, and the Map is a multilingual game of sophisticated hide and seek. Kids like the Dora the Explorer party theme, especially if you remember to make sure you have all of the elements set up in advance.

A Dora the Explorer cake is a necessity. Party balloons, table confetti, and colourful party plates are just the beginning. You have to come up with the special adventure, including a real live map that can help your child and his or her friends find the special gifts waiting for them. Filling party bags with special Dora the Explorer toys is just the final touch.

Remember that Dora the Explorer party themes are rather popular, so set your party apart by making sure you are up on the latest episodes and that the characters and props are well represented. Your little explorer and friends will have a blast as every new element of the party asks them to think through the next clue.

With Dora the Explorer teaching kids in two languages, teaching kids basic motor skills, and teaching kids to make an adventure out of life, there is little wonder that the character has become remarkably popular. Her sense of adventure matches that of almost every child out there.

Your Dora the Explorer party theme can be as simple or as sophisticated as you would like. However, the more you set up the back garden to resemble Dora’s usual stomping grounds the more you will impress your own explorer and friends. Go for the gusto on this one, and you will blow away the other Dora the Explorer parties you’ve attended this year.

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