Duck, Duck, Goose! Remembering The Classic Party Games Of Our Childhood

Published : 09/09/2010 19:00:32
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When planning children's parties, and in particular when you are thinking about suitable party games it can be easy to try to think of modern, clever twists on old, classic games. But while the old, traditional games may well seem, well, rather old, it's important to remember that for children today there are still all brand new.

Many of the old games that we probably remember playing when we were children prove to be just as popular with children today, and can often be very simple. One of these games which I remember playing as a child, and which I know children still enjoy playing today is called "Duck, Duck, Goose". Does that ring any bells? Here's how to play "Duck, Duck, Goose", and children will certainly enjoy playing it at any party, and it requires nothing in the way of preparation.

First of all get all the children to sit in a circle, and then choose one person to be a fox. The fox then walks slowly around the outside of the circle tapping each person lightly on their back. Each time the fox taps somebody on the back, the fox says "duck". They keep on doing this, until eventually they tap one person on the back and say "goose". As soon as they say "goose", the person who has been tagged the goose leaps up and runs around the outside of the circle chasing after the fox.

A fox has to race around the outside of the circle in order tried to sit down in the place where the goose was before the goose has a chance to tag them. If the fox is successful and manages to sit down before the goose catches up with them, then the goose becomes the next fox. If the goose manages to catch up with the fox and tags them, then the goose gets to sit back down and the fox has to try again. It's a simple game, and can last quite a long time as children will be happy to wait for their turn.

It's one of those games where there's really no need for prizes either, and can eventually run itself once the children have got the idea. When planning children's parties, don't forget to introduce those classic games we all had fun playing, rather than having to rely on expensive entertainers, mountains of expensive prizes, or complicated setups, rules and a team of supervising adults.

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