DVD Party Sleepover

Published : 02/07/2009 17:22:39
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Throwing a DVD party sleepover is perfect for kids between the ages of 10 and 100. Plan well and be sure to let the parents know that it is a DVD party sleepover so that they are aware that there will be some fractured bed times. Once the party begins, you simply can't have a sleepover without party goodies.

It doesn’t matter if you have three kids or twelve, the party goodies should be all inclusive. Food, some party plates and party cups, and of course, a good selection of DVD's to get the kids through several hours of movie watching.

Kids love to throw sleepover parties and this party shouldn’t be devoid of any of the usual trimmings. You can make it more than a mere sleepover with party banners, party balloons, or even a special party cake. No matter what movies they are watching your kids will appreciate the easy fun that the company of friends in a party mood can bring.

If you take the time to put together a few little party bags with favours and neat surprises you can make it all that much more of a party. While the kids will still throw the popcorn either way and stay up well into the night, putting together a party that lets them feel special for particular occasion is perfectly brilliant. All of the sleepover party goers will love the party decorations and the extra effort that went into the little details that turned the night from a sleepover into a celebration.

There is nothing quite like being a kid, surrounded by your best friends, celebrating the simple things like the age of sleeping over. It won’t be long before your kids outgrow the prospect of a sleepover and the simple joys of childhood are worth celebrating with every special trimming you can find.

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